Freight Management Expertise Combined with Customer Focus

Freight management starts when you call or e-mail our office for pickup. Whether your shipment is scheduled or unplanned, it is vital that we fully manage every detail. When you have special handling instructions or require specific equipment, JORC Logistics will work directly with you to develop a comprehensive freight management solution.

Your order will be entered into our proprietary “OIS” system (our "One Intuitive Source" database/software program), where we will schedule pickup and delivery times. We will then use our comprehensive database to find reliable, professional shippers to ensure the integrity of your freight and its timely shipment. All of our carriers are licensed, committed to your timeline, and follow the highest professional standards. We only work with the best shippers and drivers, so you can rest assured your shipment will be handled correctly and will arrive as expected.

Comprehensive freight management starts with communication

Communication with you and every link in the supply chain is at the heart of JORC Logistics’ reliable freight management. Your shipment will be tracked throughout the loading, transit, and delivery process. Carriers ensure the correct freight was loaded onto the truck and then a Bill of Lading is signed. We will stay in contact with the driver to ensure delivery times are accurate. If weather or some other event were to cause delays, we will keep you informed and look for solutions to mitigate the issues.

Once your freight reaches its destination, it is unloaded and the Bill of Lading is signed – after you verify the order is complete and delivered in the correct quantity and condition. The carrier then turns the paperwork into our office so that the invoice can be generated. We will notify you and confirm that the process worked smoothly for you and your recipient.

Freight management technology built around our business experience and your needs

We use custom-built technology to ensure reliable freight management. Our proprietary OIS software grew and evolved along with our business and our experience over decades. Your freight will be tracked and secured with software that sets JORC Logistics apart from every other freight broker. With help from shippers like you, we are constantly updating and refining this software and our systems, while adding features that streamline services.

You will find JORC Logistics to be the experienced, reliable partner you’ve been looking for!

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